3 Tips to Moving Heavy Furniture

A professional moving company in Miami can get your items moved quickly and efficiently. However, there may be times that after your Miami mover has left that you want to move your heavy furniture to another area to see how things would look. In this case, pay attention carefully when you are being moved as a mover can teach you many things about lifting and moving heavy furniture. The following are three tips to help you move your things safely:

Use Lifting Straps

Lifting straps are great for safely lifting heavy items, but you will need to be careful if going up and down the stairs with items. Anytime you move things up and down a level, the majority of the weight is transferred to the person on the lower end, even if you are using lifting straps.

Lifting Tall Items

When you are lifting tall items, it is important that you tip them over and carry them with one end lower than the other. This is going to equalize the weight of the item. If you don’t, the furniture will be too top-heavy and it could tip over quite easily.

Drag Your Heavy Furniture

Depending on the type of flooring you have, you may find it easier to simply drag your heavy furniture from one place to another. Protect your floor by placing a rug or blanket under the item and then pull on the blanket or rug to move the furniture. This is much easier on your back that carrying or lifting the item around your home.

To save you time and save your back, it is much easier to hire a professional moving company to help you move, but there may be times that you have to move heavy furniture yourself. The above tips are going to help you safely move the heavy items in your home.


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