3 Tips When Moving Your Piano

Moving items that are not fragile or what can be handled a little carelessly is always easy to handle. You can toss your mattress, drop it, pick it up and even throw it at a corner and expect it to be fine. But that is not something you can do with every item you have in your home. There are fragile items which must be moved very carefully. Then there are large home furniture which make moving very difficult because neither are they easy to pack and move nor are they very sturdy. Apparently, something like a piano is much sturdier than a glass item but moving a piano is much more difficult and complicated than packing in your favorite wine glasses. Use these tips when moving your piano.

Hire an Expert

First, don’t try to do it yourself. It is the era of do it yourself but you will find it extremely difficult. Also, don’t just hire any random Miami mover. You need to hire a moving company in Miami that specializes in handling large furniture and large musical instruments like piano in particular. You can always check the portfolio of a Miami mover, speak with a few and then find out if you can go ahead and hire them for the job.

Get the Right Equipment

You will need a few relevant equipments or packing accessories which are imperative. You can rent these if you don’t have them. If you have to move a piano very often then you must buy the cases and all other accessories. You need heavy duty straps, four wheel dolly with rubber wheels, an appropriately sized truck to have the piano fit in properly and you need padding material that will hold the piano in place without it being subjected to external impacts. You may ask your Miami mover to provide all such materials. A good moving company that specializes in moving pianos will have such materials and they wouldn’t want you to make any arrangements. They would handle everything, right from the packing to unloading and unpacking at the destination.

Protect the Piano

Protecting your piano is the first objective. Ensure that the keyboard lid is closed and locked. The entire piano must be wrapped with the padding material and the padding must be taped so that it doesn’t come off. The padding material must be soft and there should be no troubling texture or contours that can cause chips and scratches on the instrument. Also get some protective plastic, just for an additional level of safety.


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