5 Things to Get Rid Of Before Your Next Relocation Service

Anyone who has ever moved to a new home before knows what a (literal) pain it can be. Gathering boxes, organizing all of your stuff and then the physical move is exhausting. The most efficient way to move is be ahead of the game – especially when it comes to everything you own. Chances are there are items around your house or apartment you no longer want or need that could easily be tossed or donated to charity. Here are 5 things you definitely want to get rid of before your next move.

  • Books – Unless that guide to beekeeping is really important to you, books tend to be dead weight – especially in this day and age of e-readers and tablets. Donate your books to a worthy organization that will get them to people who will actually read them
  • Clothing – Doing a thorough inventory of your closet is a must-do before finding that moving company in Miami. Try this trick – put all of your clothes on hangers backwards. Anything still backwards after a month or two should go.
  • Kitchen Gadgets – Sure that juicer seemed like a great investment when you got it, but after six months on the counter collecting dust, it’s time to clean house. If you don’t use a kitchen gadget or appliance at least a few times a month, ditch it.
  • DVD Cases – This is another group of items that are unnecessary. Declutter the area around your home theater, placing DVDs or Blu-Rays into a CD book. Then it’s off to the recycling bin with the cases.
  • Knick-Knacks – Yes that little wooden clog you got at the Amsterdam airport gives you all the feels, but the memory will always be in your heart. Limit your “special memory” items to one container and let the rest go.


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