5 Tips to Save Time When Moving

When you pack up and get ready to move, saving time and energy is one of the first things on your mind. You’ve got enough on your place. Anything that you can do to save time is that much more than you can relax. Try out these tips to streamline the moving process and make it easier on your entire family.

1. Clean out as you’re packing.

If there are items in the back of your closet that have been there since your last move, now is the time to clean them out. As you pack, have a “keep” box, a “throw away” box, and a “sell/donate” box. If you haven’t used an item in more than a year, it’s probably safe to assume that it doesn’t have to go in the “keep” box! Remember, any items that you get rid of now are items that don’t have to be unpacked on the other end.

2. Accept help when it’s offered.

Don’t be reluctant to enlist friends, even if it’s just to help boxes while you sit around and chat. Any time someone offers to lend a hand, take them up on it! Have a list of tasks at hand so that when that offer of help does come, you’ll know immediately what you need.

3. Look into hiring a moving company.

If you’re moving within your city, it’s tempting to throw everything into the back of a buddy’s truck or trailer and just get on with it. Unfortunately, this method will lead to a lot more stress on moving day. Seek out a Miami mover and rest assured that you’re making a wise choice that is well worth the investment.

4. Pack boxes according to rooms.

Label them as you go. That doesn’t mean that you have to include a detailed inventory list, but it does mean that you should have a general idea of what is in each box. That way, as you’re unpacking, you can prioritize more easily.

5. Unpack your kitchen first.

The kitchen is the heart of many homes, and yours is probably no exception! Unpacking your kitchen will make it possible for you to start cooking in your own kitchen, give you a deep sense of accomplishment, and, if nothing else, give you access to your plates, cups, and silverware. Sure, you can keep using plastic, but that’s another moving expense that you don’t have to have!

If you’re getting ready to move, hiring a moving company in Miami might be the best choice you could make. It will help save time and effort on both ends of the process and get you in your new home faster. As you’re planning for your move, be sure to include this possibility in your budget. You’ll be glad you did.


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