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Four Most Common Moving Scams (And How to Avoid Them)

Like any other aspect of life, scams exist within the moving business as well. If you’ve dealt with any number of moving companies, you might have felt that someone was either trying to overcharge you for your move or try to sell you on extra services that you don’t even need.

The following four moving scams are very common and have likely been presented to you in the past:

Requesting Full Payment Upfront

Be wary of moving companies who try to charge you for the entire move upfront. Similar with other personal and business services, the market standard is to either request a portion of the entire bill as a deposit or to accept full payment after the service is completed.

Overpriced Estimates

When looking for a Miami mover, the best thing to do is to search for multiple quotes from different companies in the area.

Some movers will try to give you a bloated estimate to make more money. At the same time, a company who quotes you a cheap price that is way below average might not have the best of intentions. Always go with a company who you think will provide the best service at a price that is comparable with other movers that you’ve spoken with.

Dealing With Fake References

Fake references are common in the moving business because companies often try to bury bad experiences.

To avoid this, ask for references that are located in your area who you can verify don’t work for the moving company. This can be done by simply double checking to see if they moved from your area to a different location. If you discover that any references are fake, stay away from that moving company.

Insurance Costs

When searching for a moving company in Miami, it’s important to know that your mover is required to cover your items under liability insurance during the move. You should also know that you have the option to purchase additional insurance if you wish.

If your chosen moving company informs you that your items are not covered by any type of insurance unless you purchase it, either inform them that you are aware of state laws or go with another company altogether.


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