Four Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Move

Getting ready to move is just as important as the moving process. Make sure that you are ready, and moving day is unlikely to feel as stressful as it would otherwise.

1. Hire babysitters and pet-sitters.

Keeping an eye on your kids and pets can prove challenging, especially when you have a number of tasks to attend to. To ensure that you can stay focused on these tasks and, more importantly, to provide for their safety, hire someone to keep an eye on your loved ones during the process.

2. Label all of the boxes.

Don’t just say that all of the boxes can go anywhere in the new house. Instead, make sure that they have labels on them to help your Miami mover. Once the boxes arrive at the new house, they can go into the appropriate rooms. You don’t need to spend the next several weeks or months figuring out which boxes belong where.

3. Make sure everything is packed.

Getting in some last minute packing on the morning of the move is likely to cause you stress and anxiety. Instead, have everything packed up by the night before at the absolute latest. You can speak to your moving company in Miami if you are unsure where to get materials from. Keep a suitcase set aside for each member of the family so that you have a place to keep your items from the night before and that morning.

4. Make a list of what items are in what box.

You don’t want any of your items to go missing during the move, and if you are disorganized, that is a very real possibility. Not only should you make sure that you label the boxes, but you should also have a comprehensive list of every item that is in each of the boxes.

Moving can cause you some stress, but that stress can be alleviated when you are as prepared as possible before.


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