Four Ways to Save Time When Moving

Clear a room

One of the first things movers can do to save time when the big day comes is to pick one room on the lower level that can be used completely for boxes. If there is not an entire room, then clear out one side of the largest room and make a space to put all the things that can be packed away first. Pick items that are in the opposite season. For instance, if it is spring, then winter clothes are the perfect things to box up first.

Label everything

Putting a label on each box with the room and the contents of the box will be a huge advantage when unloading the moving truck. Consider placing a label on the short and the long side of the box, so the labels can be read no matter what direction the boxes are facing. Try to stack the largest and heaviest boxes on the bottom to help balance the load in the truck.

Pack smart

Put bigger items in the bottom of the box first and fit smaller things around the big ones. Fragile items should always be wrapped in some kind of paper and placed in a box with bubble wrap. For those on a tight budget, the winter clothes that need packing away are great knick-knack protectors.

Plan ahead

Expect to take several boxes in a personal vehicle or into the Miami moving company‘s truck, or ask for them to be placed on the moving truck last. These boxes will contain the things that each person in the house needs on a daily basis. The items that are needed for moving day should be packed after waking on the day of the move. These things might include pillows, toiletries, clean towels, coffee filters, creamer, sugar, the coffee pot, irons, pots, pans, cups, cell phone chargers, medication, shoes, jackets, a clean change of clothes, purses, laptops, and money or credit cards.


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