Moving Your Small Business? 6 Tips for a Stress-Free Move!

Moving your small business can be quite exhaustive an experience. You will have limited staff, you will be unable to attend to everything physically because there are lots of other pressing tasks that you need to attend to and you cannot go wrong with any phase of moving as that can prove very costly.

What you need is a pragmatic and well planned strategy. From having a neat timeline to organizing every phase of the moving exercise, you need to chalk out a plan that will not fail. Even if there are hiccups, you should be able to manage them. Here are six tips for a stress-free move.

Decide the date when you would move and have a window. You cannot move your whole office in one day. Chances are you would need several days. It may even take a week if your business is large enough and have lots of stuff. Block a period of at least a month to three months before moving and after moving. This is the time when you wouldn’t be working on anything major that is new and you should not over-commit in any way during this time.

Hire a Miami mover and that company must also specialize in packing. Don’t try to do it all yourself.

Do away with items that you don’t need. It is likely you would purchase some new stuff at your new office. You don’t want to burden yourself or the moving exercise with unwanted or outdated stuff that you don’t use anymore.

Start packing items that are archived or what you don’t need every day at least a month in advance. Such stuff can remain packed without you needing them and that would leave time for last minute packing that would pretty much be the major chunk in an office.

Never pack all kinds of stuff in the same box or in the same manner. Cables should be packed separately. Small devices must be packed separately and large appliances including electronic items must be packed separately. Everything should go in separate boxes with adequate padding or cushion and all boxes should be marked. Don’t rely on a packer to mark stuff that you need to know where they are being put.

Ensure that all your official contact details, online and offline, are updated and that your vendors, clients or customers know that you are moving. It is possible that your services will take a hit when you are moving. Notified clients or customers will understand. Vendors must get due notice to make changes at their end.


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